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The Board of Trustees’ revisedSharing OA Literature Electronically Letteris now posted online and available for download and distribution.

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Please share this news with members, groups, and service bodies.

All OA Groups: REVISED Guidelines about Screen Sharing OA Literature

The OA Board of Trustees recognizes that many OA groups continue to meet virtually and seek ways to carry the message by using our literature. With this in mind, the board has updated its guidelines and issued a revised instructive letter, establishing clearer protocols for how OA literature may be shared on various electronic platforms. If your group meets virtually, use these guidelines to share limited OA literature appropriately, while protecting OA’s copyrights for the good of the Fellowship as a whole.

We ask that you download this letter (DOCX file) and share it with your group as soon as possible.

Please share or reprint this announcement in your group and service body newsletters. Thank you. 

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