What is an assembly anyway?  At Region Assemblies representatives of all Intergroups and guests come together to discuss ways in which OA can better serve our groups and members.  Remember, it is you at the top of the pyramid, not the service bodies.  If you are interested in seeing how OA works, want to hear the latest news, join a committee, or have ideas, please join us.

The Region 5 2020 Fall Assembly will be on October 30th, 31st, and November 1st, 2020. Please see the proposed agenda for the times of all events.

We will be discussing all of Region 5’s current business, Intergroup Sharing, and will have breakout rooms for both Business Committees and then Outreach Sub-Committees. We will be voting on 2 Bylaws Amendments, 2 Policy Amendments, and the 2021 Budget. We will also be holding elections for Region 5 Chair and Treasurer.

This event is for Region 5 Representatives from the regions intergroups. However, you do not need to be a Region 5 Representative to attend. All Region 5 OA members are welcome. You can join as a visitor. The best part there is no charge for this event. It is 100% free. Bring your friends. We can accommodate up to 100 people.

This conference will be on Zoom, so you can attend from the comfort and safety of your home.  To attend you must register. You cannot attend if you do not have a personal invitation with a link and password.

Please register by clicking on this link: https://oaregion5.regfox.com/region-5-fall-2020-assembly. Registration will open from 9/18/2020 thru 10/16/2020. Though you can still register as a visitor up till the start of the Assembly on Friday October 30th, 2020.

You find out more information by connecting to the Region 5 Website On The Assemblies page under event information: https://region5oa.org/region-5-2020-fall-assembly/.

Packet A is also available for you to review: https://region5oa.org/region-5-2020-fall-assembly-packet-a-2/

Please so don’t confuse this event with the Region 5 2020 Convention, which will be occurring on Oct 10th, 2020 from 9:00 AM Eastern Time to 8:30 PM.