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Courier 2014

by CHI-WIF Intergroup

Complementing the professional community with Overeaters Anonymous. Many professional organizations and institutions work with OA members to inform other professionals and the public about compulsive eating and the resources available in OA to address this problem. Courier 2014

Glitch with Phone Bridge

by CHI-WIF Intergroup

GLITCH WITH PHONE BRIDGE 712-432-5200 number with pin code 4285115 As many of you know, there are some wonderful OA telephone meetings seven days a week on the 712-432-5200 number with pin code 4285115. (All times Eastern Time): 6:45 AM Sunrise,12:00 Noon,6:45 PM Sunset, 8:00 PM Recovery from Relapse, 9:00 PM 100 Pounders, 10:00 PM, […]

A Step Ahead Newsletter

by CHI-WIF Intergroup

Have you read the latest issue of “A Step Ahead”?  This quarterly publication from World Service Office always has a lot of helpful information for you, your Intergroup and your meetings.  The 3rd quarter issue is now available…here’s the link: