March 20, 2020

Hello CHI-WIF Viewers-

This is an update as to what’s happening in our area. The Intergroup meeting will be held with the officers only this month in order for the treasurer to conduct the business at hand.  Following the meeting an agenda, minutes and treasurer’s report along with a report from the Spring Assembly will be posted. Next month we will hold the meeting via zoom for all to attend.  More information to come.

We are blessed to have a 12 Step program that’s prepared us for dealing with life on life’s terms.  As we navigate these uncertain times, we continue to do the footwork that’s before us.  We work our program to the best of our ability and we DON’T ISOLATE. “Each One Reach One” holds a whole new meaning and value during a time where “social distancing” and isolation is being encouraged.  WE ARE NOT ALONE!  This is a WE PROGRAM!  Together we can do that which we could never do alone.  WOW, our sayings/slogans hold a deeper meaning now than ever before.

Call each other, connect with the huge variety of virtual meetings available.  If you don’t know how to deal with the technology check out YouTube videos, call a friend and ask for help, DON’T ISOLATE Click here for ideas.

As I’m typing this my husband informed me of the statewide Stay at Home order our Governor has implemented.  No better time than now to dig into our program!

In Loving Support-

Sandy F